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kum** Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 2018-02-14
Last time I received the product safely, but I paid £90 custom charge. My mother continuously taking your medicine and just completed 13 days, still long way to go and she is hoping that she will get better.

Does it control the fluid as well pulmonary edema ?

I am requesting for the next and future orders, please don't mention the value on the packet or just put the product value below £15.


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Wildy**** Order adress and using pyunkang hwan 2016-03-28
I hope you have see my righ adress to Germany.

Sandra Wildmoser
Berggartenstr 22
D 86508 Rehling

I pay it with PayPal at 26. March2016. When do you send it to me to Germany? How have I use it? 3 times a day 40 pieces? Should I make a tea with it or how do I use it?
I hope you write back very soon! Thank you so much!
Best wishes
Sandra Wildmoser