Guidelines for handling personal information

Guidelines for handling personal information

  • User consent items for protection of personal information (please refer to the "guidelines for handling personal information" for details)

  • Purpose of collecting personal information and the uses
    Personal information refers to the information in regards to a living individual, such as name, telephone number, etc., by which the individual can be identified.

    (Including information items, although by themselves cannot identify a particular individual, but may identify the individual in combination with other readily available information)

    Most of the services can be utilized without separate registration of the user.
    But, PyunKang collects users’ personal information to provide custom-tailored Services and other improved and high quality services, through membership services

    PyunKang does not disclose any personal information of users without prior consent, and utilizes the collected information in the following manner:
    First, we can develop more useful services based on the personal information provided by the users.
    PyunKang can identify the priority of the services to be developed more efficiently when developing new services or contents, based on the personal information provided by the users to the company, and select more rationally the contents that the users need.
    Second, the items of personal information to be collected and used, along with the purpose of the use, are as follows:

    • Name, ID, password: to be used in the membership confirmation procedure in providing member services;

    • Email address, telephone number: to deliver notifications, secure communication channel for complaints, and to post notices on new services, products, or events;

    • Address, telephone number: to secure correct address for delivery of invoice and products;

    • Other optional items: to collect material to provide custom tailored services;

    • IP address: to prevent illegal uses by black members and unauthorized uses.

  • Items of personal information to be collected and the collection methods

    PyunKang receives the information, online, those items necessary for the provision of services when a user registers for membership to use member services.

    Necessary information secured at the time of the membership registration are name and email address, etc.

    Also, as optional entry items for better quality services, we receive telephone number, etc., from the users.

    In addition, when conducting surveys or promotional events within the shopping mall, we may ask for entries of optional personal information for statistical analysis or for provision of raffle winnings.
    But, we do not collect any sensitive personal information that is likely to infringe upon the user's basic human rights, and if the collection of the information is unavoidable, we will make sure to receive the users’ prior consent.

    And, with regard to the information that the user has provided, we will not use the information for any purpose other than what has been already notified as the stated purpose, and will not disclose the information externally.

  • Storage and period of use for the collected personal information
    PyunKang retains the personal information of the users and utilize the same for provision of services, as long as a user remains a member of the shopping mall.
    Provided that, when a member himself or herself has deleted or modified the information, or when a member has requested the cancellation of membership, pursuant to the procedure and methods delineated by “6. Management of personal information (viewing, modification and deletion, etc.)” below; the information is processed so that it is completely purged from the disk and made impossible to be retrieved or used thereafter.
    And, the personal information collected for temporary purposes (survey, event, confirmation of identity, etc.) under “3. Personal Information to be Collected and the Collection Methods”, is likewise processed to make the retrieval impossible after the purpose is fulfilled.

    Your personal information is as a principle purged once the purpose of collecting personal information or the purpose of provision of the information is accomplished, as provided below.
    Provided that, in cases where the preservation is necessary pursuant to laws related to consumer protection and the online transactions, or other related laws, PyunKang retains the membership information during the period designated by the relevant laws.
    In these cases, PyunKang will use the stored information for sole purpose of keeping custody; and the storage period is as follows:

    • Records on contracts or withdrawal from application: 5 years

    • Records on payment and delivery of goods: 5 years

    • Records on customer complaints and dispute resolution: 3 years

PyunKang will handle the valuable customer information safely and will purge the personal information in the following manner to prevent any leakage:

    • Personal information printed on paper is to be shredded on a paper shredder or to be disposed through incineration

    • Personal information stored electronically in a file form is to be deleted using a technical method that makes the deleted file unrecoverable.